1. Preaching/Motivational Speaking
    PG Ministries is lead by Pastor Alvin Payne/Youth Pastor for over 20 years with a B.A. Theology and a Masters in Divinity--a student of Scripture and Positive Motivational Speaker--Sola Scriptura is our motto which stands for Bible Only. All preachers who represent PGM preach and speak through the model that Jesus came to earth to save all those who would believe in Him. All talks are with this truth as background as we journey through The Gospel with your Youth Group or general church congregation.
  2. Extreme Rec. Games
    Inflatables Bounce House, Obstacle Course, Long Bungee Run, Knockerball, Relay Races, Kangaroo Hop, Tug O War, Slip N Slides, Earthballs, Large Parachutes, Jump Ropes, Hoola Hoops, Scooters, Mega Foam Machines, Balloons, and much more. We organize, set-up, supervise and run each Inflatable or game...WE ATTEND ALL OF OUR GAMES by the leading and supervision of our GameMasters.
  3. Workshops
    The how too's of Ministries and personal formation--Workshops include: Personality Evaluations How to Start a Non-Profit The Power of Prayer Team Building Activities (with the use of specialized equipment) Health Workshops Financial Peace Workshops and several more. PGM will provide speakers with expertise in the area of your choosing.
  4. Worthy Student Sponsorship
    As PG Ministries grows and expands--we also have a Vision to give back to the Youth and Young Adults that have grown with us--therefore; in the near future the PGM Worthy Student Sponsorship Program will be developed to help students who excel in the classroom and in athletics.
  5. Mission Trips
    Thinking of taking your group to a foreign country on a Mission Trip PGM has over 15 years of experience coordinating Mission Trips tell us where and when and we'll do all the coordinating work--allowing you to enjoy your trip as you Grow and Unite with your group.
  6. Sports Tournaments
    Looking to sponsor a Sports Tournament or an Olympic Style Event--We got you. Basketball Tournaments, Volleyball Tournaments, Soccer Tournaments, Softball Tournaments are all areas of expertise for PGM--we will organize teams into brackets according to teams registered, provide the equipment and certified officials to oversee and run an exciting tournament.

You share the Vision of whatever you want from a variety of services with us and we'll--together with our PGM GameMasters work HARD​ and SMART to make it happen.